Best 3D Printer Reviews 2018


If you want to buy the best 3D printer in 2018, you’ll need to consider something more than functionality and price. There are so many types of 3D printers on the market today; one cannot help but ask “How do I NOT get overwhelmed?”

It’s true that you have choices far more than you might be able to handle, but it’s also true that you can, in fact, buy the best one for yourself or your business without leaving burning a hole in your pocket.

Relax! If you have stumbled upon this article or came here by choice, we just want to let you know that you’re in good hands. You’ll also be happy to know that 3D printers are no longer ridiculously expensive pieces of hardware. These machines have not only become more accessible to the general population but can do fantastic things!

Today, your options are no longer limited to clunky and complicated models with a limited set of capabilities. 3D printers have become compact and come in every shape, size, and printing style you can imagine.

To prepare for this ultimate 3D printer guide, we spent a few hundred hours testing and evaluating various models. We categorized products according to their price range, similarities and differences in specs, and initial impression to find out the top performers.

We also reached out to a few manufacturers and influencers in this industry for their opinion on our choice of products. And guess what? Almost everyone agreed with us! We spent countless hours evaluating aspects such as price, build quality, quality of print, ease of use, running costs, print failure rate, etc. so that you don’t have to.

So, without further ado, let us dive right into reviewing the best products that we believe will rule in 2018.

 Flashforge Finder: 3D Printer

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The Flashforge Finder model can be best described as a compact desktop 3D printer for beginners. Marketed as “easy-to-use” and “pocket-friendly,” this printer promises to give you a seamless printing experience. But does this product live up to all its claims? To find out, we have to start by looking at the company’s background.

About the company

Founded in 2011, Flashforge was one of the very first brands that pioneered the movement of making 3D printers commercially available. With a passionate team of engineers and the drive to change the industry, this company created many innovative products that got both user and critical acclaim.

Over the years, this company has won numerous accolades, among which breaking into the Top 10 ranking of 3D Hub’s 3D Printer Guide in 2016 stand at the peak.

Product benefits

  • The printer has a simplistic design with a plastic alloy frame build that offers both visual aesthetics and durable quality
  • Makes very low noise (approximately 50 dB or lesser) unlike other 3D printers
  • Comes almost fully assembled out of the box, so that you can start using it with just a few tweaks
  • Unique features include 3.5-inch touchscreen, second generation Wi-Fi, system to detect filament drain, and a USB stick
  • Incredibly easy to use and perfect for homes, schools, and for people who are novices in 3D printing

Is this worth buying?

Of course! The Flashforge Finder 3D Finder may not be ideal for enthusiasts, but it’s an excellent choice for those just getting into 3D printing. Aside from the fact that it makes very low noise, the body of this printer has also been designed to prevent heat coming in contact with your body. Pretty neat, right?

The cables have also been neatly tucked in, making the overall appearance cleaner and more sophisticated. The interface is intuitive, and the 3.5-inch touchscreen makes navigating through controls feel like a breeze. And the best feature? It’s the Flashprint tool that quickly converts 2D images to 3D.


  • An incredible assortment of features that make 3D printing easy
  • Super-simple to operate even for novices
  • Comes at a pocket-friendly price
  • Carries the brand value of Flashforge


  • Good for only entry-level 3D printing tasks


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